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ARB Adventure Light 600



When you’re changing a flat tire at night, cooking up your late-night dinner, navigating your way around camp, or working under your hood…you need a strong, bright and reliable light to get the job done. The new ARB Adventure Light 600 is a rugged and versatile performer.

Using high quality 600 Lumen LEDs, the beam pattern on the ARB Adventure Light floods the area with light and being able to position the work light with either strong magnetic points or fully flexible nylon hooks provides light to the area where you need it most.

The digital switch (located on the back of the light), controls all your light functions.

  • Press once for the low setting – 300 Lumens
  • Press twice for high – 600 Lumens
  • Press again to turn the light OFF.
  • Hold down the digital switch for 3 seconds will activate the battery charge indicator on the front of the light.

The ARB Adventure Light incorporates rechargeable lithium batteries which can be charged from either 12VDC or 120 AC using the supplied cables and adapters.

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