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Garmin PowerSwitch




The compact, weather-resistant (IPX7) box is easy to install with no cutting into your dash to mount switches and no interference with vehicle electronics. Wirelessly connect with your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone downloaded with the Garmin PowerSwitch app and paired with your Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box for simple control of accessory outputs right from your touchscreen device. Create custom virtual switch panels to activate groups of channels and control dimming and flashing. When the device is paired with a Tread™ powersport navigator (Sold separately), you can create and use smart switches that automatically activate, based on vehicle speed and time of day.

  • Garmin PowerSwitch is the compact digital switch box that offers convenient centralized control of your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories from a compatible1 Garmin navigator or smartphone2.
  • Control light bars, horns, air compressors, locks and more, right from your compatible1 navigator or smartphone2.
  • Installation is a snap — no cutting into dashboards or interference with your vehicle’s electronics.
  • Tough enough for off-roading, this rugged switch box is IPX7 weather resistant.
  • Use your device’s touchscreen to wirelessly access up to six switch outputs of 30 amps each.
  • Tailor on-screen switch panels with customizable labels, icons, channel groups and more.
  • Want to control more? You can access up to four Garmin PowerSwitch devices from the same display.


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