OVS Soft Recovery Shackle 5/8″ Breaking Strength of 44,000 lbs.



All OVS soft shackles feature Dyneema which is a low-friction fiber so braided synthetic lines will run easily through them. Meaning you can often get away without using a traditional snatch block for applications where standard recovery isn’t enough. Dyneema rope is so strong that an equivalent wire rope would be three times as thick, and a top-quality stainless steel shackle with a 3/4″ pin would have less than half the breaking strength. This soft shackle can handle just about every function performed by a metal shackle, in many instances even better. Soft shackles articulate better, don’t rattle around when not under load and beat up bumpers, they’re easier to undo and don’t have pins that fall out in the middle of a trail.

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